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Ski touring in Leogang

Pinzgau mountains for individualists!

Around Leogang, with the Leogang Mountains, the Pinzgau grass mountains and Steinernes Meer, there are countless ascent routes available for ski tourers. While ski touring in Leogang, explore the mountains and summits of the region step by step. The ascent is the most arduous and yet you enjoy every moment. And every metre of altitude boosts your anticipation of the unique deep snow descent across unspoilt mountain slopes.

During a guided ski tour with a fully qualified mountain and ski guide, you get to experience the unspoilt natural surroundings and are taken to unique places, in a safe manner. Deisenberger ski school and guides from MOUNTAIN MYSTICS provide this service on site, upon advance registration. Basic requirements are good equipment, fitness, ability and thorough planning.

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